First Vows in the International SSVM Juniorate

“The deepest meaning of the evangelical counsels is revealed when they are viewed in relation to the Holy Trinity, the source of holiness.” Pope Saint John Paul II (Vita Consecrata,  #21)

The three evangelical counsels  of poverty, chastity, and obedience  are taken as vows by religious men and women who desire to follow Christ more closely in the state of perfection.

“The chastity of celibates and virgins, as a manifestation of dedication to God with an undivided heart (cf. 1 Cor 7:32-34), is a reflection of the infinite love which links the three Divine Persons in the mysterious depths of the life of the Trinity… Poverty proclaims that God is man’s only real treasure. When poverty is lived according to the example of Christ who, “though he was rich … became poor” (2 Cor8:9), it becomes an expression of that total gift of self which the three Divine Persons make to one another… Obedience, practiced in imitation of Christ, whose food was to do the Father’s will (cf. Jn 4:34), shows the liberating beauty of a dependence which is not servile but filial, marked by a deep sense of responsibility and animated by mutual trust, which is a reflection in history of the loving harmony between the three Divine Persons. The consecrated life is thus called constantly to deepen the gift of the evangelical counsels with a love which grows ever more genuine and strong in the Trinitarian dimension… Even fraternal life, whereby consecrated persons strive to live in Christ with “one heart and soul” (Acts 4:32), is put forward as an eloquent witness to the Trinity.”  Vita Consecrata#21

Please pray for all the newly professed sisters, for their holiness and fidelity, so that they might be a “concrete imprint that the Trinity leaves in history.” (SSVM vows formula)

The international class of  First Years  went out to profess their first vows in their native land.

In Tanzania our first vocation professed on the 14thof September, 2015:

Maria Upendo wa Kristo

In Holland on the 10thof October, 2015:

Maria Mystieke Roos

Maria Virgo Lucis

Maria Laetitia Dei

In Italy on the 18thof October, 2015:

Maria di Gesù

Maria Celeste di Lourdes

Maria della Natività

In Spain, on the 24thof October, 2015:

Maria Vera Imago Christi

Maria Glòria de la Creu

Maria Mare de Déu Xiqueta

In Ukraine, on the 10th of May 2015:

Maria Vefleiemska

Maria Iverska

Maria Emmanujila