A Day in the MonasteryThe most important activity in our daily schedule is the participation in the Holy Mass. Additionally, we have two hours of Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament and the singing of the Divine Office spread throughout the day. From Morning Prayer to the Office of Readings, we spend most of the day in the Chapel singing God’s praises in the name of the whole Church.

Along with the singing of the Divine Office, we combine other different activities: manual labor, housekeeping and gardening. During the cell time we dedicate 30 minutes to Spiritual Reading, 1 hour to study and 45 minutes to Lectio Divina (Bible Meditation). We also have two hours of recreation, one in the morning and one in the evening, both after meals.

One very special devotion in our life is the devotion to Mary. Every day we recite the Holy Rosary in community and on Saturdays the Litanies in honor to our Blessed Mother are sung. We also have processions and prayer services on the special solemnities dedicated to Mary in the Church calendar.

A Day in the MonasterySpecial care is given to the preparation of Sunday’s Liturgy, the Day of the Lord. On Sundays we have more recreation time especially during meals.

Schedule, Monday – Friday

6:00 Rise

6:30 Adoration (1 hour), Morning Prayer, Benediction

8:00 Holy Mass / Thanksgiving

Breakfast, in silence while one sister reads aloud

Mid-morning Prayer

Spiritual Reading (30 minutes)

Manual Work (90 minutes)

11:30 Holy Rosary in Community

Mid-day Prayer

Lunch, in silence while one sister reads aloud

12:30 Recreation

1:30 End of Recreation, Free time

2:40 End of Free Time

2:50 Mid-afternoon prayer, work in house or garden (30 minutes)

4:40 End of work, Cell time (study and preparation for meditation)

6:20 Evening Prayer – Adoration

7:45 Dinner, in silence while one sister reads aloud

8:05 Recreation

9:05 End of Recreation, Night Prayer

Cell time (Lectio Divina)

10:15 Office of Readings

11:00 Rest