The center of our life must be Jesus Christ, true God and true man, who unites both natures in his one, unique, divine person; for in truth we profess that the Word became flesh (Jn 1:14), and he is the one mediator between God and men (1 Tm 2:5), and that He is the only one who has the words of eternal life.18 He is the resulting person of the Incarnation. In a particular way our devotion to Jesus Christ must manifest itself in the mystery of the Incarnation; in his second complete humiliation in the mystery of the Passion – the supreme priestly action – that, by contrast, makes us admire the kenosis of the Incarnation even more deeply; and in the mystery of his Second Coming which will constitute the fullness of his First Coming.

Intimately united to the mystery of our religion which was manifested in the flesh (1 Tm 3:16), and therefore united to our love, are the “three white things of the Church”:

  • the Eucharist, that prolongs the Incarnation under the species of bread and wine by the action of the Catholic priesthood;
  • the Most Holy Virgin Mary, who gave her yes so that the flesh and blood of the Word was made flesh;
  • the Pope, incarnate presence of the Truth, the Will, and the Sanctity of Christ (Const. 12).