Our Lady of LujánThe appointment of Our Lady of Lujan as Patron of the Institute is founded on two important theological reasons:

The first is that having the Blessed Virgin Mary as our Patron before God means placing ourselves as a Religious Family completely in her hands and under her intercessory protection. This act has transcendental weight: it extends everything that we do individually under our fourth vow to a new level, that of the institution of the Religious Family. The Blessed Virgin Mary cannot remain indifferent before this solemn act of devotion and humble submission. Therefore we are certain that great good will come to our consecrated souls, to our whole Religious Family, to the faithful commended to our care, to our missions and apostolic works, and to the whole Church.

The second is that there is special relationship of Mary of Lujan with our Founder and history. The founder encouraged us to have devotion to the Virgin of Lujan, and this devotion can truly be considered an aspect of the Founder’s spirituality that has passed on to the foundation itself. For this reason, it has an immeasurable importance for the preservation and promotion of our charism as well as everything surrounding the patrimony of the Institute.”[1]

We therefore, with great joy, hereby establish that the liturgical feast of the Virgin of Lujan be celebrated by all the members of our Religious Family as a solemnity.

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort

The perfect consecration to Jesus Christ and the effects of total consecration