The new mission of the SSVM in Mexico

Dear Religious Family, With great enthusiasm we would like to announce the opening of the new mission of the SSVM in Mexico! On Sunday September 21, M. Mater Mundi Quizhpe Cuenca and Sr. Maria Virgen de Anáhuac Parra Fierro, accompanied by Sr. Maria del Tránsito de la Virgen Avellaneda-Cabanillas and M Maria de la Revelación […]

SSVM in AMMAN, Jordan May 24, 2014

The meeting of the Holy Father with the Refugees and the disabled. Our sisters recount: “It was a very exciting day for all of us.  We came practicing a song with the children of which they were preparing for a long time.  There was a girl from our home (Cristina) who would address the Holy […]