Sister Maria del Fiat Miola, SSVM: new Doctor for the Institute Servants of the Lord

Dear all: On this day, Monday April 16, at The Catholic University of America, in Washington DC, Sister Maria del Fiat Miola, SSVM, earned a Doctorate degree in Early Christian Studies, after having defended her dissertation, which is entitled “Spaces of Salvation in Sixth-Century Arles: The Women’s Monastery as Household and Family.” Our sister presented […]

Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Religious Vows

“Before God, and all the saints, I make a vow forever to live chaste, poor, and obedient, in order to follow the Incarnate Word more intimately”  (Constitutions, 257) We give thanks to God for the Silver Jubilee of religious profession of 22 sisters, who being faithful to Christ’s missionary mandate have taken the Gospel throughout […]