SSVM in AMMAN, Jordan May 24, 2014

The meeting of the Holy Father with the Refugees and the disabled.

Our sisters recount: “It was a very exciting day for all of us.  We came practicing a song with the children of which they were preparing for a long time.  There was a girl from our home (Cristina) who would address the Holy Father in Spanish and present him with a gift…at the end of ceremony we were able to greet the Holy Father and offer him a mate (a typical Argentian drink), of which he accepted.  At this time, we presented the gift to the Holy Father.  It was a three-fold wooden frame: the center was the image of Our Lady of Mount Anjara, on the left side of the frame was a photo of each of our children in our home and on the right side was a rosary made by the children with a dedication.  We then asked the Holy Father for his blessing…we came home all excited and grateful to God for the many graces received.