Las Servidoras (SSVM) SSVM in Papua New Guinea - visit to Moi Idam, in the Jungle

Papua New Guinea – visit in the Jungle

On October 20th, Sr. Sponsa Verbi and Sr Boni Remedii left Vanimo, Papua (PNG) for a short visit to Moi Idam, in the bush. The purpose of the trip was to have a catechetical conference for teachers and to run a medical clinic.  It took a full day to arrive: 6 hours driving and 5 hours in a motorized canoe.  The trip also included a siesta on one of PNG’s notorious crocodile infested rivers – where we saw a total of zero crocodiles.

Papua New Guinea – visit in the Jungle

The first catholic evangelization of the area was less than 20 years ago, and the sisters were told they were the first foreign women ever to go there.  Furthermore, this was the first catechetical conference for Moi Idam.  The conference, originally planned for teachers, soon extended to teachers from three schools, the school board, catechists, and various other people.  Since it was the first time for Moi Idam, the people wanted to take advantage of it.

As for the medical clinic, in about four days, Sr. Boni Remedii saw over 300 patients.  The patients all received complete checkups. There was a diversity of infirmities: worms, malaria, pediatric cataracts, elephantiasis, etc.

Papua New Guinea – visit in the Jungle

There was always a good attendance for daily Mass, Rosary, weekly adoration and benediction.  This was a pleasant surprise!

Each night we went to bed exhausted, but very content; pleased to be serving God’ children.  It was refreshing to see an example of True Christianity in its beginnings.  Their poverty seems to be a spiritual protection from the sins brought on by money and exposure to the developed world.

Moi Idam is poor…but they are poor with dignity!

Viva la Misión!