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SSVM International Juniorate, “St. Teresa de Jesus” in Bagnoregio, italy

International Juniorate, “St. Teresa de Jesus” in Bagnoregio, Italy - Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará
International Juniorate, “St. Teresa de Jesus” - Now located in Bagnoregio, Italy, home of St. Bonaventure
“We aspire to form religious for the Catholic Church according to the Heart of Christ...” (Const. 231)
After the novitiate, our sisters begin a new period of religious formation, characterized by Philosophical and Theological studies...and oriented towards preparing for perpetual profession.
“We do not content ourselves with a superficial knowledge of Philosophy and Theology incapable of understanding in all its depth the contemporary drama of atheism and therefore incapable of giving remedy.”  (Const. 259)
Our International Juniorate "St. Teresa de Jesus" houses around 80 religious from different parts of the world.
"The end of formation is Christ alone, Christ always, Christ in everything, Christ in all, and All Christ, until the religious can truly say...'yet I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me' (Gal. 2:20)." (Const. 230)
"In the temple, in the cloister, in the cell, in the dining room, in recreations, they must always be crying out for Christ." (Const. 209)
"The song and laughter of the member of our Religious Family must be to cry for Jesus Christ.  This is their duty" (Const. 209)
"How much you can do today for the Church and for humankind! They wait for your generous surrender, your free dedication of your heart, which unsuspectingly extends its potencies of love in a world that is losing its capacity for altruism and sacrificing, disinterested love.  In effect, remember that you are mystic spouses of Christ, and of Christ crucified." St. John Paul II
"Religious life is a process of continual conversion that does not finish in the years of formation, but must be maintained and must grow more everyday." (Const. 262)
We entrust our new house of formation to St. Francis and St. Bonaventure, Patron of Fidanza, asking for the grace that many holy religious can be formed in order to go into the whole world for the good of the church and the salvation of many souls!