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“The Postulancy is realized through means of common life in a house for candidates. The postulancy will be in the charge of one or several sisters, designated by the Superior General, who must know the candidate, her vocation, her suitability, in order to present her to the Novitiate. (Const., 236).”

The duration of the Postulancy is not fixed but depends on the preparation of the candidate, of her level of Christian and human maturity, of her basic general culture, of her balance of affections and her capacity to live in community, etc., because “the largest number of difficulties found nowadays in the formation of the novices comes from the fact that they don’t have at the time of their admission to the Novitiate the minimum of necessary maturity (*).” For this reason, this period is required, so that “nobody will be admitted without adequate preparation. The Postulancy will not last more than two years (Const., 237).

*The Congregation for Institues of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life