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Our Charism

Our Charism

“We commit all our strength to inculturate the Gospel, that is to say, to prolong the Incarnation to all men, in the whole of man, and in all the manifestations of man” (Const., 5).

Our specific goal, following the call of John Paul II, is the evangelization of the culture. We seek to inculturate the Gospel in the various cultures so that they can be redeemed. In this way we seek “to sum up all things in Christ” (Eph. 1:10). The Institute was born within the Church, it is nurtured by her wisdom, and therefore uses the various methods utilized by the Church’s best: the Saints (Const., 5).

Our Focus
We call our mission, the “evangelization of the culture.” Our evangelization takes many forms. For example our sisters:

  • work in hospitals, homes for both the elderly and abandoned children, as well as in the aid of the disabled;
  • work in Catholic parishes to assist with Catholic education and parochial catechesis;
  • support parish missions and spiritual retreats;
  • are God’s instruments in the struggle to maintain the sanctity of life through active assistance in pro-life outreach programs;
  • give testimony to the faith by means of Christian charity, fostering the unity and the respect of other religions through prayer and dialogue.

Fourth Marian Vow

We also make a fourth Vow of Marian slavery according to the method of St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort, thus entrusting ourselves entirely to the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother and model.