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The Silver Jubilee of the Profession of Religious Vows - SSVM

I ask for prayersfor the perseverance and holiness of life of the 23 sisters who today March 16, 2016 celebrate their silver jubilee of religious vows, the 25 years of our nuptials with the Lord. Please remember as well the nine sisters who preceded us in profession, the first group of Servants, who are now finalizing their jubilee year. Thanks to their yes to God at the beginning, everyone else could follow. Below is the list of the 32 sisters and their places of mission.

Sister María de Montserrat Vega, SSVM

Las primeras Servidoras para celebrar sus bodas de plata

Today, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of vows -16/3/1991-16/3/2016

1.            María del Amparo Contrera, missionary inArgentina, Chile e Italy.

2.            María Ancilla Quinteros, missionary in Argentina and Ecuador

3.            María de la Aurora del Niño Jesús Martinez, Contemplative in Peru, Spain and Argentina

4.            María de la Asunción Rodriguez, missionary in USA, Italy and Argentina

5.            María del Consuelo Barbarini, missionary in Uruguay, Chile and Argentina

6.            María de los Dolores Pérez, missionary in Peru, USA, Taiwan and Philippines

7.            María Dolorosa Soler, Contemplative in Argentina and Spain

8.            María de la Encarnación Bustamante, missionary in Italy and Argentina

9.            María de la Fe Rossi, Contemplative in Argentina

10.          María Fidelis Rodriguez, missionary in the Far East

11.          María de Jerusalén Pérez, Contemplative in Italy and Argentina

12.          María de Jesús Barruti, missionary in Uruguay, Russia, Argentina and USA

13.          María de Loreto Berrondo, Contemplative in Peru, USA and missionary in Argentina

14.          María de la Misericordia Rugoso, missionary in Peru and the Middle East

15.          María de Montserrat Vega, missionary in Argentina, USA, Holland and Italy

16.          María Nazarena Morales, Contemplativa en USA y Argentina

17.          María de la Paz Uriguen, Contemplative in Argentina, Peru and missionary in Peru and Spain.

18.          María de la Providencia Nuñez, missionary in Italy, Brazil and Argentina

19.          María del Rocío Chirino, missionary in Papua New Guinea and Argentina

20.          María Rosa Mística Vera, missionary in USA, Canada, Guyana and Argentina

21.          María del Sagrario Paez, missionary in Argentina, Peru, Papua New Guinea and  Ecuador

22.          María de la Trinidad Casenave, missionary in Brazil, Peru, USA, Argentina and Italy

23.          María de las Victorias Zapata, Contemplative in Argentina and USA and missionary in USA and the Far East

Las primeras Servidoras para celebrar sus bodas de plata


***We include also in prayer the first group of SSVM***

1.                  María de los Ángeles Garcías, missionary in Argentina and USA

2.                  María del Carmen Sosa, missionary in the Middle East and in Argentina

3.                  María de la Carrodilla Rodríguez, missionary in Peru, Argentina and Brazil

4.                  María de la Concepción Espinoza, missionary in Brazil and in the Far East

5.                  María de Fátima Gaioli, missionary in Brazil and in the Middle East

6.                  María de Luján Pedernera, missionary in Peru, Argentina and Spain

7.                  María de Itatí Lorente, missionary in Peru, USA, Italy and Argentina

8.                  María de la Natividad Echandía, missionary in Ecuador, Italy and Spain

9.                  María de Pompeya Farías, missionary in Peru, USA and Argentina