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New Foundation of "Las Servidoras" in Tinos, Greece

On October 7th, 2018, the 3 new sisters (Mother María Virgen del Prado Argentina (Local Superior), accompanied by Mother Dolente (Provincial Superior), Sister María del Dulce Nombre and Sister María Shpresa e të Krishterëve) of the Servants of the Lord and the Virgen of Matará arrived in Greece to found the new community on the island of Tinos (Τήνος).

This Island of Tinos has a population of 8,500 which only 35% are Catholic. And to consider that in all of Greece only 0.5% are Catholic with 98% orthodox and other religions meaning that most Catholics reside in the island of Tinos. 

The Holy Mass was celebrated by Bishop Mons. Príntesis and all the priests of the diocese.  During the homily the Bishop expressed his great happiness with the arrival of the sisters: “Together with the Fathers of the Incarnate Word, this Religious Family will certainly bring something new to the church of Tinos: that which is proper to their Charism. A Precious gift for our island and the whole Church!”

Furthermore, the family members of Father Fernando Bravo and Mother Madre María Virgen del Prado donated a replica of the cross of Matará which was offered and blessed during the Mass as a sign of the evangelization of the culture.

The sisters will live in the Sanctuary of Panagía Vrisiótissa.  The sanctuary is dedicated to an icon of the Virgin miraculously founded in the XVII century by indication of the Virgin in dreams to a Franciscan nun.

Even though the mission in Greece has just begun, it is already bringing forth many fruits.

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New Foundation of "Las Servidoras" in Tinos, Greece