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Funerals of Sr. Maria del Corpus Domini Valle in Pontinia and Tuscania (Italy), March 23-24, 2017


Sister María del Corpus Domini passed away on Wednesday, March 22.  

The vivid desire to contemplate Jesus Christ and that He call her on March 21, the day of her anniversary of religious profession, led her to prepare all the details of her funeral.  The Holy Mass was celebrated on Thursday, March 23, in the Monastery of Pontinia, and on Friday the 24th in the Monastery in Tuscania, after which her remains were carried in procession to the cemetery of Tuscania and laid to rest in a mausoleum belonging to the Poor Clares. Thus, among contemplatives, she was buried, which is how she wanted to live and die. 

Included in this chronical is a writing Corpus Domini wrote a month before her death.  “The story of a Cyrenian.  Reflections on the time of illness and perserverenace.”

"I would like to begin these reflections looking at the figure of Simon of Cyrene, because when my illness of leukemia began on May 2015, it was all so sudden and unexpected that I felt a cross on my back, a cross which I had not looked for…exactly like the Cyrenian!"

To Continue the Chronical of the funerals

The Letter of Edification of Sr. Maria del Corpus Domini in Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, and Ukrainian.