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Final Vows in Schiedam, the Netherlands

“In order to achieve greater perfection in our service to God and His people, we take three vows…in order to more closely imitate the chastity, poverty, and obedience of the Incarnate Word.” (Constitutions, 6)

Final vows Mother Naida

In Schiedam, the city which conserves the earthly remains of the great Dutch saint Liduina, we were able to hold the final profession of M. Nadiya Beznadiynych, a sister originally from the United States.  Thanks be to God the following people were able to be present for the occasion: her parents, M. Anima Christi, general superior of the Institute, M. Caridad, our provincial superior, and the sisters from Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

With great enthusiasm, we prepared everything for the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross and the final profession.  Our diocesan bishop, Mons. Van den Hende, accepted the invitation to preside the ceremony with great joy.  The Holy Mass was celebrated by our bishop and concelebrated by four other priest: the rector of the Basilica, a priest who assists in our parish, and two priests of our Institute, missionaries in Alkmaar.  In his sermon, the bishop spoke about the Cross in the life of every Christian and made special reference to the Cross of Matará, explaining some of its symbols.

The Basilica of St. Liduina allowed us to celebrate the Holy Mass and prepare everything according to our style.  We prepared songs to beautify the liturgy, along with the accompaniment of some musical instruments and the help of members of other choirs.

Final vows - Poverty, Chastity, Obedience

Many people participated in this great feast, a joy for the whole Church, when a religious consecrates herself forever as a Spouse of the Word.

“I did not want to know anything except Jesus Christ and him crucified” “This doctrine of the Cross must be what we preach... Christ crucified…”(Directory of Spirituality, 140)

After the Holy Mass, we had a small feast in a close by hall where we sang songs in various languages.  We were also able to greet the guests and friends who had come.

We trust that our Lady of Luján, patroness of the Institute, will bring many people closer to her Crucified Son by means of this apostolate, and we ask through her intercession for the perseverance of Mother Nadiya.