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A Pilgrim’s guide With Saint John Paul the Great in Poland
Las Servidoras - March for life in Rome, 2016
Sr. Inmaculada, SSVM, with the children in Tanzania
Servidoras - Madre Amor Divino con Papa Francisco
Servidoras - The Religious Profession
SSVM Servidoras, First Vows
Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara
The Silver Jubilee of the Professin of Religious Vows - SSVM
Sr. Maria del Fiat Miola and Wassim in Bethlehem
Sister Marie Protectrice de la Foi, SSVM arrives to her mission in Tanzania
Servants of the Lord Works of Mercy in Peru
Servidoras Life of Prayer
Servidoras - Closing for the year dedicated to the Consecrated Life
Consecrated Life Closing Prayer to Mary SSVM Servidoras IVE
Dom formacyjny - Argentyna - Służebnice Pana i Dziewicy z Matará
The Consecrated Life Families SSVM Servidoras IVE
Servidoras (SSVM) Vita Consecrata 8 of 10: Unbounded Generosity and the Call to Young People
Consecrated Life The vows and community life Servidoras (SSVM) IVE
The Consecrated Life What is the Vow of Obedience SSVM Servidoras IVE
Consecrated Life What is the Vow of Poverty SSVM Servidoras IVE
ssvm pope usa
Vita Consecrata - 4 of 10 - What is the Vow of Chastity - Servidoras (SSVM)
Servidoras SSVM - Vita Consecrata - 3 of 10 - Why Profess Religious Vows?
SSVM presents The Consecrated Life - 2 of 10 - The Trinity and the Evangelical Counsels
First Meeting of the Monastic Life SSVM
Vita Consecrata - 1 of 10 - Introduction to Consecrated Life and the Evangelical Counsels
ssvm lujan
SSVM Spiritual Exercises
SSVM novices in Argentina
Servidoras Taking of the Habit Italy
First Vows, Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila, Italy SSVM
SSVM Our Lady of Lujan
ssvm and the Pope
SSVM Filippine Cultura
SSVM Cross and ring
Bizantine Rite SSVM




John Paul the Great


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